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Therefore, Krishna and Radha’s devotion was expressed in short stories and poems in various Indian languages, notably Bengali. Chaitanya, a Bengali saint, was considered to be a reincarnation, including both Radha and Krishna: Krishna on the inside and Radha on the exterior.

Chaitanya also wrote several spiritual poems on god’s love, but none of them remain preserved. The Gita Krishna by Formation is composed of a significant popular influence for subsequent Rajasthani and Pahari miniature artists, whose paintings Radha is portrayed looking for Krishna in the dusk with the cattle or reclining with him in a wooded garden.


The metal representations of Krishna performing the flutes that also are preserved in temples are significantly influenced, notably in northern and eastern Asia, by images of his lover Radha, who is also venerated.

The sentimental tale of Radha and Krishna contains the passion that occurs in the cosmos, which is why it is recognized as one of the most beautiful and legendary love narratives in the contemporary age, too. Each other’s affection is just like a strong breeze. That will float in the air indefinitely.

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Radha Krishna Good Morning Images

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